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Price timpara 50-400 depending on the case

I am an experienced computer hardware engineer. If your computer's disk has crashed, I can recover your files.
Timpara price varies from 50 to 400 timparas. Because it really depends on how much time I will be spending. Believe me this is a very complicated and time consuming task. I am offering my services here only as a service to community. Because of this, availability of my offer is limited to one such recovery per month here in timpara.

One last thing: I only recover your data and not your hard disk (hardware). In most cases, your hard disk is not usable anymore. Hence when I accept to recover your data, you will need to give me one functional hard disk for me to place the recovered data on. At the end of the recovery, you will receive two hard disks: 1-Your old (crashed/not working) hard disk 2- Your functional hard disk with the recovered data on.

image (also my profile pic): 250MB Hard Disk Drive being serviced in 1978.

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