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    • Hans vd Berg

      OFFER: Ik kan uw Video 8-banden digitaliseren / I can digitise your Video 8 tapes

      Ik kan uw opnamen op Video 8 of Video 8 High-format tapes overzetten naar digitale media (CD). Je kunt dan kopiƫren, e-mailen naar mensen etc. Ik reken de timparas per tape. Geloof me, het is geen gemakkelijke klus. --- I can transfer your recordings on Video 8 or Video 8 High format tapes to...

      Tags: video 8, video 8-Hi, timpara amsterdam, timpara nederland, freecycle nederland, freecycle amsterdam, freecycle video

      • Jeroen van Das

        OFFER>: Bag for ski boots

        Hooi, A bag with zipper to carry/store ski boots. You can come and pick up. First come first serve

        Tags: timpara amsterdam, timpara nederland, freecycle amsterdam, freecycle nederland, ski boot bag, skien, ski

        • Jeroen van Das

          OFFER: Ski "wheels"

          Hooi, Ski "wheels" which you attach to one end of your skiis to pull them, instead of having to carry them. They are not very practical I am afraid. You can collect at my address. First come first serve.

          Tags: ski wheels, skien, ski, timpara amsterdam, timpara, timpara nederland, freecycle amsterdam, freecycle nederland

          • Marietje

            REQUEST: Do you have a washing mashine for me?

            The title says it all. My washing machine, a Miele that I had paid a small fortune is broken. I have been asked for huge amount for repair. So I am looking for a washing machine... Sorry...

            Tags: tilburg wasmaschine, tilburg timpara, timpara, freecycle, freecycle nederland, freecycle tilburg

            • Alex

              REQUEST: I am looking for espresso machine

              If you live in Rotterdam and if you have a espresso machine that you dont use, please send me a message.

              Tags: coffee machine freecycle, espresso machine freecycle, freecycle rotterdam, freecycle, freecycle nederland

              • Jaap vd R

                REQUEST: I am looking for a city bike

                Hoi, I am a 24 year student in Amsterdam. I am in search of a city bike.

                Tags: freecycle Nederland, freecycle amsterdam, freecycle amstelveen, freecycle, city bike

                • Claire van Houten

                  OFFER: A very much used vacuum cleaner

                  Hi people, I have replaced my vacuum cleaner. I am giving away my old vacuum cleaner. Sorry I don't have time for a picture but to give an idea: as far as its sucking power and engine is concerned, it is perfect. But its hose (the pipe via which it sucks the air) has some gaps and also its...

                  Tags: timpara amsterdam, timpara, freecycle Amsterdam, freecycle, freecycle Nederland, vacuum cleaner

                  • Kurt

                    REQUEST: Who can help me with my Spanish conversation skills?

                    Hello, I am planning an across-the-south-america trip beginning in 2020 January. I have already started learning Spanish as a preparation. I am a beginner. I would like to meet a native Spanish speaker to practice and improve my Spanish. I live in Maastricht, hence looking for someone in Maast...

                    Tags: Spanish conversation, Maastricht Spanish, timpara, timpara Maastricht, timpara Netherlands, timpara Nederland, freecycle, freecycle Nederland

                    • Marietje

                      OFFER: Ik wil je leren cheesecake bakken!

                      Hallo allemaal, Ik ben Marietje, 39 jaar oud uit Tilburg maar nu woont in Amsterdam West. Mijn favoriete hobby is het bakken van cheesecakes voor het gezin en de vrienden. Als je interesse hebt, leer ik je graag hoe je een geweldige kaaskaas bakt! Het duurt 2,5-3 uur. Ik reken 15 euro voor de ...

                      Tags: cheesecake Amsterdam, timpara Amsterdam, freecycle amsterdam, timpara Nederland, freecycle Nederland