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    • Geert Jan

      Flawed dream of free cycle schemes and why timpara.com will fail!

      ...uot;stay exchange" and "freecycle" terms in Google. While...ng title of "Flawed dream of free cycle schemes" which I had boo...terdam's famous "white bicycle" experiment which coinci...n: Provos. Basically it says that free cycle schemes are doomed becau...


    • How can I create an 'Offer' or 'Request' in timpara?

      The answer is: Easily!

      First of all: 'Offer' is for offering something. Say, you want to give away a book, you want to give guitar lessons, etc.

      'Request' is when you are looking for something: Say, you are looking for someone who could help you with your web site. Then you are requesting!

      Just click on 'Market' on the main menu. Then click on the 'Create New Ad' button. And then fill in the fields!

      Please be as descriptive as possible in the free text fields. And, do not forget to add images to your listing. Offers or Requests with images will always attract more attention!

    • What is timpara? - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST

      timpara is a sharing economy marketplace. It is free to join and use as a member. We have our own "currency" here: timpara. Members earn timparas when they give services or goods to other member. And then can use these timparas to receive services and goods from other members.

      Example: You have a book that you already read and want to give away. Then you create a listing for it in out Market. You set a "price" for it (in timparas of course!), say "10 timpara". When someone is interested and you give it to that person, then you gain "10 timpara".  With that 10 timpara, you can get something else which is on offer at timpara by another user!


      • Geert Jan

        Flawed dream of free cycle schemes and why timpara.com will fail!

        Hi folks, I have come across this site while I was searching for "stay exchange" and "freecycle" terms in Google. While looking into the results returned for the latter, I had seen a Guardian article with this interesting title of "Flawed dream of free cycle schemes&qu...

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