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  • What is timpara? - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST

    timpara is a sharing economy marketplace. It is free to join and use as a member. We have our own "currency" here: timpara. Members earn timparas when they give services or goods to other member. And then can use these timparas to receive services and goods from other members.

    Example: You have a book that you already read and want to give away. Then you create a listing for it in out Market. You set a "price" for it (in timparas of course!), say "10 timpara". When someone is interested and you give it to that person, then you gain "10 timpara".  With that 10 timpara, you can get something else which is on offer at timpara by another user!


    • Henk

      Sweden wants to fight disposable culture with tax breaks for repairing old stuff

        The website Fastcoexits.com reports that the new proposals come from the ruling coalition of the Social Democrat and Green parties, and, if successfully enacted, would be accompanied by a publicity campaign to encourage Swedes to repair products instead of replacing them. Please read...

      Tags: circular economy, circularEconomy, consumerism, disposables, solidarity economy, solidarityEconomy

      • Dirk

        OFFER: One night room stay in my Amsterdam flat

        I am offering a room in my flat. It is a nicely furnished room in Amsterdam North. The locationwise it is very convenient because it is 130 meters to a nearby metro station. I have set a limit of 3 nights per month maximum and not over the weekends. The reason being, I am normally renting this ...

        Tags: amsterdam room to rent, circular economy, amsterdam north room to rent